Digging Deep for the New Year

In the fall of 2012, I was working really hard and completed a big task very well. I was utterly satisfied with the work and so was everyone around me. Then I fell into a bit of a rabbit hole. Nothing was making me happy – not work, not life. So I hired a personal coach and began looking around for what would make me happy. One of the people I encountered was Tara Sophia Mohr. She writes a lot about playing big and living out loud. These questions came in her year-end e-mail. I’m going to tackle them just so I have a touch point to come back to for the coming year. 

1. Because I wanted to make 2013 count, I…will play big and stare down whatever fear is currently in my heart.
2. Because fear of failure was no longer a good enough reason to not do it, in 2013 I…will attack problems head on and be braver when it’s time to speak up.
3. Because I listened to the whispers inside, in 2013 I…will make sure those whispers are speaking kind words about me and the people around me.
4. Because the things that brought me joy in childhood still do, in 2013 I…will ride my bike more. I forget how much I love it until I’m on it.
5. Because simple pleasures are so rich, in 2013 I…will cook more meals and share them with my family.
6. Because my body has served me so beautifully all these years, in 2013 I…will start a yoga practice and be more mindful of what I put into it. What does not serve me will be gone.
7. Because the world needs my service, in 2013 I…will teach. I want to put together some fiber class descriptions and send them to places that need teachers.
8. Because of the remarkable people who have loved me and made me who I am, in 2013 I…will tell them how much they mean to me every time I see them.
9. Because I am willing to believe in the power of forgiveness, in 2013 I…will be kinder to people who I feel have done me wrong. I will apologize first and leave old hurts in the past.
10. Because the silence has gone on long enough, in 2013 I…will keep speaking up – again and again if necessary, until I am heard.
11. Because I am so blessed, in 2013 I…will continue to look for people and projects that are in need. Kiva and Kickstarter will be seeing a lot of me this year.
12. Because I vowed to be more radical, in 2013 I…will worry less what other people are thinking.

13. Because I wanted, in the last days of my life, to remember this year with tears of gratitude, in 2013 I…will be me. I will be grateful for every single day for the opportunities I’m given.

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