Book Review: “Ladies First”

Ladies First: Revelations of a Strong Woman, Queen Latifah
originally published: 2000
Finished reading: 17 December 2011

I love music, always have. My tastes are all over the board, hard rock, country, even rap. However, have a couple of rules when I listen to music: 

  1. I have to be able to understand what they’re saying 
  2. There’s a no repeat rule (repeat something too many times and they’re gone) 
  3. No misogyny 

Queen Latifah has always followed my rules and she’s frequently in my playlist. I love that she’s a strong woman, doing what she loves, and doing it well. Ladies First is an explanation of how she got to be so strong and the amazing support system she’s built that keeps her that way. 

I want to give this book to all the young women I know. Actually, all the women I know, young and old. Everyone could benefit from Latifah’s wisdom and the way she’s dealt with the tragedies, triumphs, and even the bad decisions she’s made.

I admire her so much for her art. What I’m taking away from this book is her ability to re-evaluate her choices, to learn from her mistakes, and to keep moving forward. A good lesson for everyone at any age.

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