Movie Review: “Breaking Dawn, Part 1”

My daughter convinced me to read the Twilight books a couple of years ago. She loves them so much; it seemed like the thing to do. I raced through them in a weekend and felt a little sick afterwards, but my Sassy was happy. If you’ve been living under a rock for the last several months, the latest movie based on the books came out this weekend.
Sassy has seen every movie with a group of friends, but they couldn’t get their acts together this time, so it wasn’t going to happen. She was very sad, so I offered to take her and our exchange student to see a matinee today. They both jumped at the chance (and sang all the way to the theater to my utter annoyance).
As I expected, it was AWFUL. Seriously, the acting was wooden, the dialogue insipid, and the pacing agonizingly slow. I was gratified to find that every time I rolled my eyes, I could hear Sassy giggling. At least we were on the same page about that. The scenery, however, was amazing – what can you do to screw up the Pacific Northwest? Also, the shirtless boys – pretty gorgeous.
One last thing, the dress. SPOILER ALERT – the vamp and the human get married in this movie. You’d think they could have gotten at least a gorgeous dress for this occasion. They did not. Panels, seams, buttons, lace…all the pieces were there, but the final product looked like what my 5-year-old used to do with tissues and tape – puckered and painful. Not what I expected at all.
Two hearty thumbs down for this movie. Wait for Netflix if you really feel the need.

(I’ve edited to add the picture of the dress. While it may not be apparent in the still picture, the panel in the front is unfortunately places. Just odd.)

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