Holiday Shopping

We have an exchange student staying with us this year. She’s a lovely girl and has settled into our family nicely. Here’s my dilemma, what do I get the kid for Christmas? I want to give her something similar to what I would give my own kids, but honestly I haven’t known her for that long.

Sassy’s getting an iPod – will it cause hurt feelings if I get the same thing for our student? Little Big Man doesn’t want an iPod (he usually wants $$$). I think gift cards are fine for filling in or as stocking stuffers, but they’re a little impersonal. When I ask her what she’d like, she says, “Oh, it’s enough that you choosed me to stay with you. I don’t need any gifts.” Not helpful.

Has anyone else had a student they’ve had to buy for? Any suggestions?

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  1. they have the most wonderful gift sets at Bath and Body Works and what girl can not fall in love with a gift of great scents and lotions.

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