Daily Creativity

I’ve been thinking a lot about doing something daily to just be creative – to play, really. I have tons of supplies from my scrapbooking days and have been looking at Artist Trading Cards. This is a form of art that’s about the size of a baseball card, but is personally created. The scale is tiny (2.5 x 3.5), so doing one every day is completely within my scope. The problem for me is … getting started. I have the cards, I have tons of materials, I just can’t sit down and DO it.

On Friday, I took my girls out for dinner and just as we were sitting down, a co-worker hailed me from another table. I saw him and immediately started looking for his wife, who’s a collage artist. We’ve been trying to get together for months now for her to give me a tutorial on collage. She said, “Geez, we need to schedule some time. Next weekend is bad and the weekend after that is bad too!”

I said, “Then it’s Thanksgiving!”

She looked at her husband and then at me and said, “What about Sunday?”

He nodded his head and I said, “I’ll be in town for brunch at another friend’s house – Sunday afternoon will work!”

So, I’m busy gathering my supplies and creating an artist box to take with me so she can show me her techniques. I have something like 40 blank cards in my hands right now and I ordered a couple dozen more. You can get them at local craft places, but I’ve also ordered some from Dick Blick. I think it’s reasonable to do one every day and see where it all goes.

I’ve put some Gesso on 10 cards and I’m hoping they’ll be dry before I leave tomorrow. I’ll take those as well as some that haven’t been treated with anything. In my artist box is paper, some Mod Podge, and some other odds and ends that may be useful. I can’t wait to get started!

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