Independance Day

I understand the appeal of fireworks – I do. There’s nothing like a match and a flame for some good, clean fun. Pretty lights, loud noises, I get it. I also understand the run up to the Fourth of July – set off a few every night to get the anticipation for the big night going. 

It’s July 5. I’m sitting in my dining room listening to the neighbors set off yet another round of fireworks. They’ve been doing this for 4 nights running. Seriously? Do you really have that much disposable income? I know those things aren’t cheap and it’s been 30 minutes every night straight. It’s Michigan here – have you heard of the recession? Perhaps next year we could talk about putting your money into something a little more productive. Maybe you need a deck or your house needs to be re-roofed? I know a guy, I’ll get you his number.

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