Friday Night – Movie Night

My daughter and a couple of her friends from elementary and middle school made a pact a long time ago that they would all watch the Twilight movies together. Tonight was the night for the latest version of teenage, vampire angst. Since they were all coming to my house afterward, it made sense to stay and watch the movie. I kind of wish I hadn’t.
First, I couldn’t sit with them because that was just awkward. I spent the whole time hoping people didn’t think I was some wacko middle-aged woman desperate to “connect” with Edward or Jacob. (I am insecure enough that I waited for the girls to leave their seats after the movie was over so I could be seen leaving the theater with them.)
While the werewolves provided some very nice eye candy, the acting was … let’s just say it could have been a lot better (seriously, a lot better). I realize there isn’t much to work with, but maybe better actors – if not a whole new script.
I did quite a bit of eye rolling and dropping my head on the back of my seat in disgust. Totally not worth it. Next time, I’ll bring knitting and sit in the lobby. All the real life teenagers provide plenty of drama that’s probably more fun to watch that this movie.

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