Did You See It?

I will say it right here, I LOVE the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Summer, winter, it doesn’t matter – bring it all on. I love to see the national clothing, the dancing, the singing, the athletes walking in the parade with their cameras and their million dollar smiles, it’s all amazing. What I love most is the pride the host country brings to the celebration.

Canada did not disappoint. I’ll admit, I think of our neighbors to the north as laid back, country cousins. They know how to make beer and play hockey, but celebrations? Not so much.

Last night, they proved me wrong. I got goose bumps when the snow boarder came shushing down the mountain and through a lit-up maple leaf. I was amazed at the costumes the first nations people wore and the dances they performed. I fell in love with Shane Koyczan and I’m rethinking my fear of poetry. I am planning a trip to Newfoundland to find myself some punk-rock fiddlers with bad-ass tap shoes. I teared up when k.d. lang’s voice soared out over the stadium.

It was all beautiful, and very, very Canadian. You are more, my friends, you are.

Book Review

Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously, Julie Powell
originally published in 2007

My mother-in-law saw the movie based on this book twice in the theater. Then when it came out on DVD, she bought it and brought it over to watch with my husband and me. While the book isn’t quite as precious as the movie, it was close. From someone who lives in the middle of the country, I get a little tired of navel-gazing New Yorkers telling us how special they are.

I liked the book Julie Powell more than the movie Julie Powell. She seemed a little more down to earth (she swears like a sailor). However, there was a lot less Julia than I expected – that was really a shame.

It was a quick read, so I was grateful. Not too interested to read anything else by Powell. It did make me want to try new recipes, and that’s saying something!