January Wrap-Up

I ran into the admin from my accountant’s office on Friday (our daughters play field hockey together). I asked if tax season was ramping up. She spent 5 minutes telling me how screwed up this year’s tax season will be because rules are still changing and they don’t have all the forms for filing, so people are turning in their taxes, but they can’t get them done because they’re waiting … for the government.

The upshot is, I need to get our tax organizer filled out if I have any hope of seeing a refund any time soon. The problem is this – I haven’t balanced my checkbook since January 2009. Why is this an issue? My husband is (sort of) self-employed. We use a computer program to keep track of what we spend and how much he makes. Do you see my problem?

So I spent several hours yesterday and a couple of hours very early this morning balancing my checkbook (what can I say, I woke up at 3:30 am panicking and figured I put the time to good use instead of just panicking uselessly). It’s done! Now I can tackle the stupid tax organizer and get it in this next week.

January Goals:
Reached. I’m not always here, but I am writing at least 30 minutes/day. Unfortunately, this last week, it was all work related. I guess if it helps me keep my job I can count it towards progress, right?

Eating Mindfully/Exercising
I’m counting this as a half win. I’m back on the exercise bandwagon, but the purposeful eating has not gone well. I’m making better choices on a day-to-day basis, but have fallen off the wagon a couple of times (note to self: DO NOT BUY POPTARTS).

Reached. I did 4 oz each week this month. It’s not all up on 13 Pounds, but it did get spun. My WooLee Winder is on the fritz right now, so I’m going back to the regular flyer for my wheel until I can get it figured out or sent back for a tune up.

Special Goal for January
I set a special goal to get my resume tuned up by the end of the month. Early on, I realized that January was not the month to do this. January is the month to get all the tax details together. I’m the treasurer for my daughter’s field hockey team and there was year end stuff for that. I had to get Little Big Man’s FAFSA form taken care of (government form that figures out how much aid you get for university) and I had to get our tax organizer stuff together. The only thing left to do is actually fill out the organizer, so I’m considering this 95% finished.

I’m counting January 2010 as a successful month. I figure 2.5 of my major goals were met and 95% of the special goal met – it’s progress. Onward

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