Most Excellent Video

A friend sent me this video on YouTube. Most of the time, I think these videos are silly. This one had me from the first minute.

So, I haven’t been around much, here’s how the end of the summer shaped up for me:

July 27: I go in for an outpatient procedure and end up spending the night in the hospital because of a drug-pushing nurse who couldn’t leave well enough alone. Pain meds on a 24-hour empty stomach? Don’t. Do. It.

August 3: Hub leaves for Alaska for what is to be a 4.5 week trip. He is going to fly-fishing guide school and has a chance to stay on afterwards and guide clients.

August 10: Jillian and I leave for Stitches Midwest

August 12: Little Big Man calls frantic because someone smashed into him at football practice and his knee is swollen to twice its normal size.

August 13: J and I leave Stitches to drive home for me to take care of Little Big Man

August 15: MR on LBM’s knee.

August 18: Orthopod tells us that he completely tore his ACL, there’s a small tear in his medial collateral ligament, and his lateral meniscus has a partial tear.

August 23: Lynne Vogel comes in for a fabulous knitting/spinning class. Totally. Amazing. (More on that later.)

August 29: Second orthopedic opinion on LBM’s knee.

August 30: Meniscus surgery for LBM.

September 5: School starts for everyone (Sassy, Little Big Man, and me).

September 6: Hub calls from Alaska and casually mentions that the lodge where he’s staying has another group of fishermen coming in and could he stay for another “week or so”? How many times can one say fuck in a 15 minute long conversation? As it turns out, plenty.

September 16: Hub calls from airport saying, “I’m here, come pick me up.”

September 19: I leave for a business trip to (seriously) Milwaukee.

Please, “Jane!!!! Stop this crazy thing!!!”

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