Tour de Fleece Fait Accompli!!

As Floyd persevered, so did I. My goal was to spin the equivalent of 1 oz of wool/silk fiber per day – 23 oz in total. While I didn’t spin 1 oz every day, I did spin every day of the tour, including the rest days. Yesterday, I woke up knowing that I had roughly 2 oz left to spin to complete the race. I spun it, plied it and rushed to measure. The boys were already circling the Champs Elysees and my time was running short. Twenty-three oz translates to 1.44 pounds. This is what I got – see the little turquoise numbers on the right of the picture? It says 1.42. What??? Back to the wheel.

I figured that there wasn’t enough time to spin and ply, so I had to come up with a compromise. I thought I could spin the rest of the weight I needed, but I’d have to leave it on the bobbin to count it as yarn. Not wanting to throw off the count, my tare weight changed a little.

I went back to the wheel, determined to make up the lost weight and complete the race with the maillot jaune. I actually have gotten fairly good at spinning while not watching my hands during this counter-clockwise tour around France, but at the end of the race with the sprinters rushing to the front of the peleton and my boys from Discovery, George and Eki, attempting the stage win, I had to stop spinning and just watch. When the action was over and Floyd had finally won, it was time for the moment of truth. Success!!

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