Spectator on the Course!!

I sat down on Saturday ready for the Prologue of the Tour and had my wheel and roving in place for a quick breakaway when the race started. Then chaos busted loose. I was blithely preparing my roving and had quite a large pile of fluff on the floor next to my chair. The next thing I knew, Hub was mildly announcing that someone was making off with my pile of fluff in her pointy toothed mouth. I started screaming at the thief and she took off running … with the fluff in her mouth. Hub chased her down and brought it back, “Um is that technical difficulties? No, it’s a spectator on the course.” And then proceeded to laugh himself sick. Who me?

I set a goal for myself of spinning 1 ounce per day of silk/wool blend. What I’ve been spinning so far is 50/50 merino and bombyx. It is so gorgeous that I may have just ordered more on line, despite my fiber spending moratorium. I have to have enough to last for the whole tour don’t I? These are the skeins from a 2 ounce bundle of Chasing Rainbows. The lighter is brick and the greener one is forest. I’m pretty consistent with 50 yards in each skein. I think they’ll be lovely accents for something. Maybe I’ll just put them up for sale in the guild Fleece Fair in September. Any suggestions?

Since I only have one more bundle of it left, I decided to spin that little purple bump. Turns out that it’s short staple wool carded with multi-colored silk noil. It’s an interesting yarn, but not what I like to spin. I really prefer smooth yarn and with all the short bits in the roving, it’s very bumpy and uneven. Someone will love it, I’m sure. It will definitely be going to the Fleece Fair.

Tonight, I’m hoping to finish up the purple bump and move back to the blue Chasing Rainbows that I have. I have been meeting my goal of 1 ounce/night. Five down, 18 to go!

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