Mmmm, raspberries!

When we moved into our house 14 years ago there were lots of plants that we either didn’t know were there or knew they were there, but didn’t know what they were. At the end of our driveway was an old wooden fence with a bunch of spiked vines all twisted around it. Hub hated the way it looked and pulled it out, vines, fence, and all. Turns out they were raspberry plants. Fortunately, he didn’t get them all and every year we have a couple handfuls of raspberries. This year, it’s a bumper crop. Sassy and I went down this morning and filled this container with the luscious little things and gorged ourselves on the way into work/field hockey camp.

They were so good, it makes the 73 mosquito bites I’ve been scratching all day worth it.

2 thoughts on “Mmmm, raspberries!

  1. Blackberries ! It’s a bit of a garden thug,so just as well to yank up bits from time to time. Raspberries are redder/pinkier in colour,and need training & pruning to crop well.


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