Proof of Life

Jillian twisted my arm and forced me to sign up for Stitches Midwest. One of the classes I’m taking is Lining a la Chanel with Jean Frost. Is Trip-Trap a jacket? Maybe. I think it will do. Here’s the back. I love the purple scheme of the yarn, but I was worried about the turquoise and gold that line the blocks. They look smashing together. If I ever see her, I’m going to kiss Vivian Hoxbro on the mouth. It’s a gorgeous design and lots of fun to knit.

I’ve also been spinning. I think I bought this roving at Threadbear. (I’m in my blue phase.) It’s lovely stuff, beautifully prepared – my own prep consists of fluffing it up a bit and I’m spinning away.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of leaving the ball of roving on the couch. Apparently the cat decided that it was a nice napping spot. Here’s what she did to it. It better be salvageable, or I’ll be making me a cat-pelt pillow very soon.

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