Language Weirdness

I made it to the Ann Arbor Knit-In on Tuesday night and think I remember it snowing the last time I was there. Time is flying so fast now, I’ll be moving at light speed when I’m 80. Lynne mentioned that she was garage saling over the weekend and saw, “One of those long, tube instruments from Australia.”

Everyone else said, “Didgeridoo?” Which is this:

I said, “Billabong?” Immediately after I said it, I thought, “WTF is a billabong?”

Then Lynne turned to me and said, “What IS a billabong?”

Being in polite company, I said, “Um, I’m not really sure.”

Now I know.

What I really want to know is this:
1. Do they really speak English in Australia?

2. What causes those weird connections in your brain to mis-fire and supply a completely wrong word to your tongue that you immediately have to spit out and .5 seconds later wonder if that really was your voice you heard?

2 thoughts on “Language Weirdness

  1. That was a joke, right? We speak English quite well, more like the English do, in fact. We don’t have weird foreign words like Chicago, Minnesota, Los Angeles or San Diego in our language. 🙂

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