Can You Stand It??

All that is cuteness in a small puppy. It’s difficult to take a picture of her because she’s moving all the time … until she stops, drops, and snores – a bit like a 3-year-old. We’ve all been sleepless for the last 3-4 nights. Moving her cage into Little Big Man’s room seemed to help, she just wants to be able to lift up her head and see a body near her. Ready for the name? Dolly Varden.

My naming rule for pets is that it has to come from a book. We have Maisie from Horton Hatches the Egg, and Sophie, from Sophie’s Choice – yeah, I didn’t tell the 8-year-old who Sophie was, she just liked the name. Anyway, Dolly Varden was a character in a Charles Dickens novel called Barnaby Rudge – it’s also the name of a type of Alaskan salmon. Hub likes the way we managed to combine a few of our hobbies into a small dog.

Tour de Fleece
I’ve been thinking about what to spin during the tour. It hit me that I should pick a fiber blend and see what I have in the stash. I picked 50/50 wool/silk blend – how much could there be? As it turns out LOTS. So I decided on merino/silk and came out with 3 two oz dyed bundles from Chasing Rainbows, a 2 oz skein of white from Widdershin Woolworks, and a 1.8 bundle from Ozark Carding Mill. I’m still searching to see if there’s anymore of this blend in my stash. If there is, I’ll have to narrow the search parameters yet again.

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