Yes, it’s yarn

This is the yarn I’ve managed to spin in stolen moments at lunch. It’s the cashmere/silk blend I bought in Maryland and spun on my gorgeous Grafton Fibership. One cop, Andean plied created approximately 6 yarns of yarn. The picture is weird (strange camera), but it’s quite fine and a few slubs of silk really give it some great character. Aside from the silk sticking to my hands, it was fun to spin – and there’s lots more in the bag!

I hung it up on the bulletin board over my desk to see if there would be a reaction. {crickets} Because I’m not the sort to sit by and let lovely yarn be ignored, I mentioned it to anyone who happened by my office. Lots of “wow” and “it’s so soft!” Then, of course, I had to haul out the spindle and show them how it’s done. Lots of fun.

In other news, I finished reading Angels and Demons last night. It’s by Dan Brown (of The Da Vinci Code fame) and it was good! I’m usually a little leary about reading anything my sister or my mom recommend to me. It’s not that they read bad stuff, it’s just that our tastes don’t always mesh. A quick read, lots of action and enough of a mystery to keep me reading to the last page (and keep me awake late into the night). I’ve been neglecting the reading lately – mostly because I can’t read and knit at the same time. I think it’s time for some more books on tape. Suggestions?

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