What did we see today?

Amazing things:

We started the day off at the Textile Museum. It’s the most amazing place!! You can’t take pictures of the textiles, so you’ll have to take my word for it that it was way cool. If you haven’t been – go.

Then we went over to the National Zoo. Here are my new friends, the baby turtles.

and their neighbors, the prairie dogs.

This young giraffe was desperately trying to reach the leaves on the tree above it. It wandered around and stretched its neck, then stuck out its incredibly long tongue – and the leaves were that far out of reach. Giraffe hell?

One of the crown jewels of the National Zoo – the mama panda. She was coming out to dine on bamboo for lunch. We could hear the crack of the bamboo stalks as she chomped into each one. Way cool. The baby was hanging out in the tree next to her, but declined to show his face.

What’s this? The National Cathedral – and yes, Jillian, it is still standing even though we went in and had a tour. Even though I’m a heathen, it was an amazing, peaceful place. It’s built in the style of a gothic cathedral (shape of a cross) and while it’s officially the seat of the DC Episcopalian diocese, it’s a non-denominational house of worship.

This is the largest of 4 rose windows in the cathedral (another cornerstone of the European gothic cathedral). I’m not sure if you can see it or not, but in the center is a 6′ tall Jesus.

In the crypt, there is a small prayer room completely done in mosaics. This is the only one that was bright enough to photograph. They were so beautiful, that when we walked in, both of us caught our breath.

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  1. just checking out some turtles and your page came up. they are very cute all on a branch. i am from central saskatchewan, canada and i am interested in checking out different places and pictures. thanks for your site.

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