Um, that’s mine …

Hub is getting ready to make his annual fishing pilgrimmage to Alaska, so he’s tying flies. I came home to this the other day. See those beauties in the lower right corner? He happened across some roving I’ve been spinning from Hand Painted Yarn. The balls of yarn you see in the photo? Mine too. Every now and again he’ll ask, “do you have {fill in a color here} yarn? I scoff, “Of course, what do you want?” Then we walk back to the yarn stash and he feels up whatever color he wants and makes a choice.

On this particular day, he snatched the roving from its place near my wheel. “I hope you don’t mind,” he explained, “it’s a great blend of colors and it really does look like salmon eggs, doesn’t it? This is him in action. Apparently, he’s unfamiliar with the click of a camera lens and couldn’t stand being still for one more second. And before you can say it Jillian, I don’t wonder where Little Big Man gets his metrosexuality from anymore.

On another note, I finished something. This is Sassy modeling a scarf made from Great Adirondack Texas Bighorn yarn. It’s 60% mohair and 40% wool and lusciously soft. The best part is that it comes in a 325 yard skein! I don’t remember how much it cost (and can’t find a price online anywhere) but I assure you, it’s a great value. I knit on this thing for months and never once had to splice it. Plus, the colors are amazing. If you find it, buy it!

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