Two Months??!!!?

Good god, has it been that long? I’m sorry, but it has. Can I blame it on graduate school and the pathological need to do well? I am pleased to announce that grades came through for the term and I have an A-SS on my report card. My mom was very proud.

So to celebrate, I’m going to Maryland! Sheep and Wool Festival that is. Nancy and I are in the wilds of Pennsylvania right now. We don’t like to drive until we’re falling down dead, so we stop and find a clean place to lie our heads and look at the locals. A place is considered good if there’s a bookstore nearby. Barnes and Noble qualifies – ran to the knitting department to look for Big Girl Knits and wasn’t disappointed. Okay, I was, but only because they had it faced out on the second tier of a rack. Mmm-hmm, I fixed it. Moved the crappy crochet book from in front and Big Girls is rocking now. It’s fabulous – no kidding, and I’m not biased or anything.

I have the camera and we have free wifi in our ultimate destination hotel, so you’ll hear more from me in the coming days.

Shopping list?
WoolLee Winder
Golding Spindle
maybe a Hatchtown Spindle

I’m looking at everything and I will take no prisoners. Nothing is safe.