Favorite Blogs

Because I’m still overwhelmed at trying to fit back into my life, you get a lame post about my favorite blogs. Each of these people inspires me to be more creative and more accepting of my own creations. Here are my favorites:

I’m lucky enough not only to be able to read about her knitting and spinning, but to actually witness it in person – Knittingfrau inspires me most. She’s always supportive and suggests additions or subtractions or substitutions.

It’s been some time, but Curlypurl is back. I’ve always loved reading her creation stories interspersed with her family stories. She tells great tales about creating and the eventual mishaps that happen along the way.

Lately, I’ve been obsessively reading Franklin’s tales of Dolores and laughing out loud at my desk. If you haven’t seen his blog – really, go take a look.

You’re going to have to trust that I’m knitting and spinning – really I am. I’ll have pictures next week, maybe.

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