I mentioned to the Hub on Friday last week that I’d really like a laptop. I talked about how in Statistics this term, we have to use a statistical software package and how convenient it would be if I had a laptop to load the program into and work on my homework anywhere. I talked about how I had a couple of big papers to write and how it would be cool to take a laptop with me and work whenever I got a few minutes. What’s this?

My new laptop. Now I need a backpack, because carrying this thing around in my messenger bag is making my back hurt. Could I possibly whine anymore because I got what I wanted? Shyeah, like that’s going to stop me.

One thought on “Woohoo!!

  1. How happy to see your new “toy.” I hope it makes your graduate school work easier. I finished my Master’s last summer, and I know how hard it is. Just keep plugging. It’s ok to whine a bit and remember, there’s not much a little wool can’t cure.

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