Smells Like Teen Angst

This morning I witnessed a most hysterical display of teenage temper. I was chatting with Sassy who was standing on the landing between the basement and the main floor of our house. Little Big Man, who had been in the basement, was leaping up the stairs with a pile of clothing in his arms when he mis-stepped and fell. {He unfortunately has inherited my sister�s trait of being able to fall up stairs.} I winced and said, �Are you okay?�

He leapt to his feet, pointed his finger at Sassy and screamed, �It�s HER fault!!! Why are you standing at the top of the stairs? I looked up and saw you there and lost my balance! I never would have fallen if you hadn�t been standing there!�

I fixed my face into neutral and said, �Come on, how is it HER fault that YOU fell?�

�If she hadn�t been standing there, I never would have fallen!!� Spittle was flying out of his mouth and he struck a crazy pose � arms akimbo and taking up space. Discretion being the better part of valor, I gave him the Scottish noise and walked away. By the time I reached the other room, I was shaking from laughter.

When Sassy came into my room a few minutes later, I fell dramatically on the bed and said, �Stop it! You just gave me the �fall down eye� and now I can�t get up,� and laughed like a maniac. She looked at me, disgusted, and walked back out.

At the end of the driveway waiting for the bus, Little Big Man said �Be good today Sassy � don�t give anyone the death ray.� Then when he was getting out of the car, he fake stumbled a little and said, �See? She�s dangerous!� I laughed out loud.

She was incensed. �He�s so mean to me!�

�Nope,� I said, �he realized how ridiculous he was being this morning and that was his apology.� Damn, he�s growing up way too fast.

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