Graduate School Sucks

It’s only 3 weeks into the semester and already I’m overwhelmed. I understand this isn’t supposed to be a picnic – I’m all set to work hard. What I want from all this hard work is some semblance of understanding. I mean, really, if you read a chapter, is it too much to ask to be able to understand what you’ve read? I’m not a stupid person, but I have to read my microeconomics text 3 times to just understand what it says. Which is not to say that I understand the concept – just that I understand all the labels on the colorful pictures.

I’m also spending 10 hours sitting in class for 1 measly 3 credit course – and 2 of those hours are on a Sunday! For those of you playing along on the scorecard at home, yes I took Micro last term. This is the cost-benefit analysis part of the course – it only looks the same, it isn’t really the same.

So, despite nary an understanding of what a cost-benefit analysis is…I did one and came up with “Drop the fucking class.” Dang, that was easy. Now I just have to make it through Statistics and I’m home free.

One more thing, the person who invented Sudoku – truly an evil soul. This is the worst time sucking game ever!

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