What makes the holiday all happy??

I give to you my grades for the first term of Graduate School:

Class Grade
Calculus B+

Microeconomics B

Values&Ethics B+

History of Public Policy A

I was worried about Calculus when I applied to the program. It’s a required course and I hadn’t been in a math class since spring 1983 – longer than some of my classmates have been alive (no kidding). While it wasn’t painless, it was much more clear than I expected it to be.

What’s my favorite gift for X-mess this year? That B up there in Microeconomics. A serious gift. I hated this class with the firey burning passion usually reserved for ex-husbands and mothers-in-law. The professor was entertaining and quite friendly, just not a very good teacher.

What’s in store for next term? Statistics and the cost-benefit analysis part of Microeconomics. Can anyone explain to me what the hell chi-square is????

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