Spindle Ho…

Guilty! This is my newest. It’s a Tom Forrester Granny Spindle that I bought from Gemini Fibres after I saw the one Jillian got on her most recent excursion to Toronto. When she thrust hers into my hands and demanded that I spin – I was a goner.

It’s a little lighter than I usually buy (41.2 grams/1.45 ounces) so the resulting yarn is thinner than I usually spin – but change is good. The best news is that it spins and spins and spins. Apparently these little babies fly off the shelves so fast that Gemini can’t even get pictures up on their website before they’re gone. I sent an e-mail asking what they had in this style and got a very prompt (and extremely friendly) reply in just a few hours. They had 7 to choose from, but no pictures. I picked the rock maple whorl with a black walnut shaft (10 holes in the whorl).

The fiber is some that J shared with me, but my brain is still dreaming of Calculus, so I can’t remember where she got it from. Normally, I rip off a hand of roving and just start to spin – it works for me. Someone is a fiend for pre-drafting, so I’m trying that. As much as I hate to pre-draft, I must admit the spinning is very enjoyable when all I’m worrying about is putting in the twist. The yarn seems to be much smoother too. Even the joins are smooth! I guess it pays to have your world shaken up a bit and be forced to think about things in a different way.

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