Hooky Day!!!

Since our trip to Threadbear last week was postponed due to bugs (stomach and head), I played hooky from work and Jillian played hooky from her family and we made the trek yesterday. It’s always fun to see what the boys have done with the store. Everytime I’m there, I swear they can’t fit anymore yarn anywhere and when I go back, they have. An overwhelming feast for my color and fiber starved (ha!) self.

They had tons of gorgeous, new Schaefer Yarns. These are the 2 skeins that followed me home. At one point, I had 7 skeins in my arms before I dropped them on one of the infamous black tables and sorted through. When I made my final selections, J looked them over and said, “You know, I think you have that one in Mountain Colors…” It’s pretty sad when my friend can remember what I have in my stash better than I can.

Do I need any more roving? No, but I like to encourage vendors to have things that I want to buy (yeah, that’s it). Are these gorgeous? That orange/yellow/pink ball is destined for socks. I picked the blue up because I’m currently in a blue phase. Can’t wait to spin it up!

Last, but certainly not least, what’s this?

It is the yarn for a Vivian Hoxbro sweater that I have affectionately called the Histogram sweater for close to a year now (Vivian has actually named it the Trip-Trap Jacket). I love this sweater and J reminded me yesterday that I had finished my first term of school and I needed to buy something to celebrate (like I ever need an excuse). I believe, between the spinning and sleeping, I’ll be knitting on this for the next week or two. Now if I could only convince my family to bring me food and Coke while I knit in bed, I would be a truly happy woman!

Here’s a picture of the back of the Trip-Trap Jacket:

2 thoughts on “Hooky Day!!!

  1. That orange/yellow/pink ball looks a lot like a roving I bought that was affectionately nicknamed “Muppet Guts.” It spun up into a cool yarn and made for some cool/funky socks. 🙂

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