Don’t Hate Me Because I Have Beautiful Fabric

Can I just say that when I saw this fabric online and in catalogs, I thought, “Ewww, could that be any uglier?!?” In person, it’s gorgeous. The colors have a depth that just doesn’t come across in a flat photo. I told Brandon what I thought when I saw the pictures and he looked a little shocked, but agreed with me that they’re so much more pretty in person.

More of the paperweight fabric with some glorious flowery stuff. I would have walked past this, not being a flowery kind of girl. The woman in front of me at the cutting table had it and when it was all spread out, it sang to me. To be honest, I would have bought more of every fabric the woman in front of me had, but I did go with a budget. She got a yard of everything (at $8-9/yard!!).

And because I’m a ho for the orange, I had to have both of these. I love stripes. It’s the symmetry. The oranges just glow. {As an aside here, does anyone else remember H.R. Puffinstuff and Witchiepoo who sang the song “Oranges, Poranges” – I think of her dancing around every time I think of orange.}

More stripes. Kaffe has 2 different stripes, the wider and the narrower (I’m sure there’s a more ‘marketing’ type name, but for the life of me, I can’t remember it). I loved them all. I’m telling you, it was a very tough choice.

So, now I have a fabric stash that is the equivalent of single balls of yarn. I can’t wait to finish school, so I can put all this time I’ve been studying to really good use.

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