American Sewing Expo Loot

I can’t remember now if I promised to show what I bought at the American Sewing Expo market or not. Anyway, here they are, and prepare to have your socks knocked off. The market wasn’t as big as some show markets I’ve been to, but it was overwhelming in its own way. I’m a very beginning quilter, so almost everything I saw was new and I quickly went into over-stimulated after the first aisle.

Is this fun, or what? The woman had a very small booth, but it was chock full of really cool primitive-type fabric. She even had mud-cloth, but I couldn’t figure out what I would use it for, so I didn’t buy any. I love the tie-dye effect and all the ‘happy people’.

This is a silk blend fabric. The amazing thing about this fabric is that the warp and weft are 2 different colors. You can’t tell in the photo, but the fabric switches from one to the other when you move the swatch. The depth in these is so amazing. I think they’d make nice, sturdy pillow covers – but I don’t want anyone putting his head on them!

At the same booth as the above silk swatches was this gorgeous stuff. It’s Japanese indigo dying – it also looks ikat to me (and maybe it is, I didn’t think to ask). They actually had yardage of this, but it was well over $30/yard and it’s only about 21 inches wide. I was so tempted to buy yardage, but had absolutely no idea what to do with it, so contented myself with fondling it instead. I was checking out with the silk and saw they had little “try-me” packs of it for $10. I rummaged through the basket and each packet was more beautiful than the last. Since I couldn’t decide which one to buy, I literally closed my eyes and just stuck my hand in.

Homework calls, give me another day or 2 and I’ll post the grand-daddy of all fabric designers’ swatches.

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