I’m Exhausted

I never knew it was possible to be this tired and this content at the same time. Lynne Vogel is a Goddess. No, seriously, GODDESS! She came in on Wednesday night to stay at my house. {A Goddess stayed at my house!} There are very few people I am at ease with instantly – count Lynne among the handful. We talked constantly (almost so much that my throat hurt).

I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with an incredible group of women doing something I truly love to do. Best part? Sitting next to Jillian for 3 whole days. We mumbled, we laughed, we sang, we ate…it’s good to have a great friend.

Friday, we spun. Saturday, we dyed. Sunday, we spun, knit and compared notes like crazy. I have no pictures as Hub took the camera on vacation with him. I’ll snap shots of my roving and my knitting tonight and have them up in a flash.

I love it when my expectations are exceeded so far that I won’t be able to take a class for a while because this one was so good. I couldn’t sleep last night despite being exhausted because I had too many things in my head. There are so many colors, fibers, things to knit. I don’t want to have to sleep ever again.

On a related note, Lynne wanted to go to Trader Joe’s because she loves the place and there isn’t one near her. You wanna know what ambrosia is?

I can hear the angels singing now.

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