Better late than never…right?

Finally, I finished my bag from the Lynne Vogel workshop. Here it is in all its twisty goodness. I was a little worried as the yarn sat on the bobbin a little long (still less than the 4 days or bust period), but it didn’t look so twisty while I was kniting. Fortunately, I can’t tell where that bit of knitting is on the finished bag. This is from my Early Pumpkin Patch roving dyed in class. I love the colors, but wish there was more of each one – I guess so the stripes would be wider. I’m looking for a pumpkin charm to put on the drawstring. Sassy loves it and wants to claim it as her own.

Have you seen Jillian’s twisty project? Go have a look and let her know how gorgeous her barberpole yarn is.

Here’s what else I’ve been up to in the last 2 weeks. The Kimono quilt pattern calls for 9 kimonos. I have 8 finished. What I tried to do was have them be complimentary, so I used 3 fat quarters for each pair. One of them has a fabric for the kimono and a complimentary fabric for the obi and the other switches them. The third fat quarter is used for the long strip down the front of the kimono skirt and short strips on the bodice.

I love, love, love the red fabric in these 2. It’s got darker red ginko leaves printed on it with a gold leaf scattered about randomly. The pieces are so small, that I had to work to get a gold leaf in every now and again. I’m not sure I was entirely successful with that – but I’m happy with the squares.

These are a little busy I think. I didn’t like them at all while I was putting them together. Hub said, “they aren’t so bad.” Um, thanks for that bit of confidence. I told myself to keep going and if I really hated them at the end, I could call it practice and make a couple more. I still think they’re busy, but not in a terrible way.

These are my favorites. They’re also the first 2 I did. The orange-leafy fabric is so beautiful. I was tempted to go and get more of each of these fabrics and make all the kimonos the same. Good sense prevailed. How many places can you hang an orange and purple quilt?

I have a gray/black fabric for the sashing and 3 more fat quarters for another pair. I think I’ll make 2 more and use one of them for actual quilting practice. I think Sassy’s Kit doll will enjoy a small quilt for her bed.

Does anyone have any tips for the actual quilting? I find that the closer I get to that part, the slower I’m beginning to work. I’ve had no trouble cutting and sewing, but the quilting is intimidating me. I think I’ll be machine quilting in the ditch, but what color thread do I use? Do I buy eleventy-thousand different spools to match all the fabric? What patterns? Do I outline the kimonos, put something inside them? Has anyone else been paralyzed by these choices or am I the only freak?

3 thoughts on “Better late than never…right?

  1. Holy twisted quilting!
    The bag is mondo cool. I’m feeling the call of dyeing again too.
    The quilt is gorgeous, are you going to redecorate your bedroom to compliment?

  2. I’m in love with your kimono pattern!!!! I’ve been searching high and low for a great kimono pattern and nothing was setting my inspiration on fire until I found your pattern. How do I get a copy of it? Thanks much Sujean

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