A Few More Snaps

I had pictures of these the other day, but either forgot to upload them, or Blogger ate them. Here are the last 2 kimonos for the quilt. I really like these 2 because when I first put the fabrics together, I thought, “ewww red and green – like Xmess.” When they were finished, they were much more subtle than that.

These are the fabrics for the last block. My plan is to make 2 and then play with the placement of all the blocks. I only need 9 to complete the piece. Since I’m still a little ambivalent about the flowery blocks, I may chuck those and make a couple more in different fabrics. I can see how this quilting thing can get out of hand…”just one more block”.

Jillian made the suggestion that I farm out the quilting part. I believe I will do that for my queen-sized bed quilt. I feel like I have to do at least one – to understand the whole process. Will I do it by hand? No, I do not have the desire to understand it quite that much.

From her August 16, 2005 post, Carolyn’s suggestion is to practice, practice, practice. She says “Get a bunch of muslin and some batting, and a can of spray baste. Spray baste some 18″ square practice quilt sandwiches and just try it.” This sounds like a good plan to me, besides, I like the sound of spray baste.

So this is my plan for the day – finish those last (ha!) 2 blocks and give quilting a try. I’m sure you’re dying to see how it all turns out.

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