Who’s Quilting Who?

So this was my next attempt at paper piecing. It’s actually 4 smaller blocks sewn together to make 1 big block. Here’s what I learned:

1. I need a self healing mat and circular cutter. No matter how careful I am, I CANNOT cut a straight line. Why make myself crazy? Besides, I’m thinking about making a quilt for my own bed – that’s going to take a lot of cutting.

2. The paper piecing tutorials I’ve read say that you shouldn’t tear the paper off each block until they’re sewn together. I’ve discovered it’s nearly impossible to line up the points while the small blocks are still on the paper. They’re close and maybe you can’t see them in the photo well enough, but they don’t exactly line up. I’ll have to try another couple without the paper to make sure.

3. No matter how much you love the first set of fat quarters you buy, you’re going to get sick of looking at them for several mornings in a row. It’s time for me to get a fabric stash.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

One more thing, Curlypurl says that you don’t have to buy special paper for paper piecing. She says copy paper works just fine and if there’s any scraps left in the seams – they wash out! Thanks Carolyn!!

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