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You may drool as you see fit. Paper piecing is insanely easy. Apparently it makes a difference what paper you use to draft your lines. I bought Papers for Foundation Piecing which was $8.95 for 100 sheets. I was going to try it with regular printer paper, but every website I read said “DON’T DO IT.” I also picked up a set of fat quarters to mess around with. {Who said never buy more than you’re going to use on one project? I laugh in your face.}

I downloaded a very easy pattern and printed it on the pages and then went to town. The whole thing took less than 30 minutes. If you’re going to do something huge (like a whole quilt top), it makes sense to have a whole bunch of shapes pre-cut and then you can just stitch and stitch and stitch and have a big pile of squares to put together.

Then I started thinking about coloring book shapes or even some simple Celtic patterns. The possibilities…

2 thoughts on “Walk this Way

  1. Pretty cool…I love your beautiful wood floor.
    The dog may look pathetic with a hot pink bandage on, but once it’s off and healed, you guys will miss the toe more than she will (so, not so much, prob’ly).

    You asked about the colourway of the yarn I’m using for the Victoria Tank. It’s from a mondo 1 lb laceweight 2ply wool skein I got as a birthday present from my MIL from a little shop that her friend runs (I picked it out, she paid, all that yardage and handyed for $21, I couldn’t say no). I can’t remember the name of her friend’s shop, and the skein hasn’t got a business label, but if you are really interested I can get the name of the shop for you.

  2. Absolutely no trouble to use old fashioned printer paper. Any little bits remaining will wash out after the quilt is finished. And, it’s cheaper!

    Carolyn (Curlypurl)

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