The Promise of a Whole Week

I took the week off. On the surface it was because both Sassy and Little Big Man have day camps going next week. Sassy will be riding and LBM will be at band camp. (I have been torturing him for the last week or so that he will come home and say, “This one time…at band camp…”.) So, I will be ferrying them around, but I also have my own agenda at home. Herewith, I present my photo essay of what I’ll be doing this week.

1. Get rid of books I’ve already registered with Book Crossing:

I really love leaving this things all over the place. I’ll admit, I’m vain enough to leave them in places where I can go back and check to make sure they’ve been rescued. It’s fun thinking that someone gets to read a book I liked and it beats the hell out of pricing them for a garage sale.

2. I’ve been looking at this nightmare since we re-did our kitchen (about 3 years ago):

They are the stairs that lead from my back door down into my basement. Hub pulled out the old stairs and built these new ones. I should have stained and varnished them 3 years ago. I did not. I’m paying the price now. They need to be sanded to get all the ground in dirt off and then stained and varnished.

3. I have 8 of these mothers staring me in the face:

You can see that this representative door has been stained (Minwax Puritan Pine) as are the other 7. However, now I have to put 2 coats of polyurethane on each and every door. My excuse has been that it’s been so hot that I can’t get proper ventilation – if I open the windows the heat and humidity seap in and the polyurethane will NEVER dry. Time’s up – they will be shiny and sealed this week.

Will I kill enough brain cells to prevent me doing something fun with these?

I cannot resist the allure of the fat quarters. Hub and I took Sassy in to get heeled shoes for her camp (some sort of stacked heel prevents the foot from slipping through the stirrup). Well, there’s a JoAnne’s right next door and I just slipped in for a minute. I scored a self healing cutting mat for $7.50 (50% off a clearance price of $15.00) and also a rotary cutter – seen in all its rotary goodness above.

Sassy’s camp goes from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. I figure I’ll work while she’s camping and then have fun after I pick her up. It’s a good balance, right?

One last shot. These are the initial fabrics I’ve picked up for my Kimono quilt. I signed up for the class and the first one is on Sunday. I can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “The Promise of a Whole Week

  1. Are you high from the fumes yet? or did you quilt all day?
    Do you have Scarf Style? I got an extra copy today. I’ll bring it tomorrow night to knitting.

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