Quilt Blocks and a Fugly

What do you think? I think Carolyn was right. {Ignore the small swatches of white you see under the blocks, that’s the paper still attached.} While I like the above blocks (and maybe the white pillowcase wasn’t the best idea I’ve had today) there’s something wrong with them. I’m not sure what – they don’t hold me somehow. The blue below somehow pops the red and orange off the background and is soothing at the same time. Thanks Curlypurl!!

The more I look at these blocks, the better I like the pattern. I will say, however, that it’s a real bitch trying to pin the fabric to the paper in such a way that the seam allowance is 1/4″ AND the chunk of pattern is covered once I’ve done the sewing. I won’t bother to tell you how many pieces I’ve screwed up. My very first blocks were done by just eyeballing the paper piece to be covered and then hacking out a piece from my fat quarters. My anal-retentive nature didn’t work too well with this approach.

So I measured the pieces in this new pattern and figured in the seam allowance. In my zeal to be master of the rotary cutter, I cut up a bunch of pieces that are exactly 3″ x 9″ and while they stack beautifully and look lovely on my table, they really should have been 3.5″ x 9″ – but then I would have gotten fewer pieces from my fabric! At the time, I thought, “how hard can it be? I’ll just move them around until I get the placement figured out and do it the same way every time” Yeah, it so doesn’t work out like that. Anyone have ideas on how to measure and cut these pieces so they fit without wrestling?

And in the category of Back away from the crack pipe I give you…

What the fuck was he thinking???

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