One more day?

Just allow me one more day with this. I promise I’ll be good and post no more on the man who won seven.

A couple of weeks ago, Jillian and I went to lunch (and then to a yarn shop, natch). I bought 2 skeins of this. It is the lovely beaded rayon yarn from Blue Heron. I also bought the pattern for the Shoalwater Shawl. I’ll admit, I’ve loved this yarn for a very long time. It is silky and warm and has a sheen that just sings. It didn’t hurt that they had a shop model and it was gorgeous!! I got through the first 76 rows without a problem. Now, I can’t get past the second repeat of row 37. I’ve counted, ripped, knit, counted, ripped, knit…I threw it aside in disgust on Friday. I’m going to have to rip again and figure out where those damn extra 4 stitches came from.

So, I’ve been paper piecing instead. {As an aside, I really think I’m taking up quilting because there’s a whole list of things I’ve never bought for myself and as we all know…it’s the stuff that attracts me to crafting.} I took Carolyn’s suggestion and bought a couple of yards of indigo fabric to tone down the red and orange of my planned quilt. I don’t have a photo yet – it’s in the wash. I also signed up for the class the shop is holding for the Kimonos pattern I bought a while back. I ask you, how can learning new things be bad?

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