I joined Netflix (mostly because I hate the Blockbuster store that we used to go to). It’s way cool to have the movies delivered right to your house. So, I’ve been watching a lot of movies these days. {I’m also doing the knitting equivalent of driving in circles – dish cloths. I know, but they’re fast and I’m still doing something while watching all these movies!}

Here’s what’s been in the DVD:

Monster’s Ball

I can’t say that I really liked this movie. It was powerful and emotional and hard to watch. Halle Berry is amazing. I always thought she was a good actress and after watching this, I’m sure of it. She so deserved the Oscar for this role. Not so much a Billy Bob Thornton fan, but he was interesting to watch.

You know who amazed me in this? Peter Boyle. When he first came on the screen, all I could think of was “Hey, that’s Young Frankenstein!” My mother said, “Isn’t that the guy from Raymond?” I really hated his character in this film. If you haven’t already seen it – go get it now.

King Arthur

Hmmm, yes, I enjoyed watching this movie…if only for the shots of a filthy dirty Clive Owen. I do love me some dirty European boys. Action scenes were good if you like that sort of thing. There did seem to be a lot of gratuitous blood splatter. Loved all the knights of the round table, somehow they seemed like real people rather than all pristine and holier than thou.

Keira Knightly? It was a little difficult to see the white, white girl from Bend It Like Beckham be so…well, blue. She was completely believable in the dialogue and seduction scenes, but the action ones? Please. Her little skinny arms pulling on those giant bows to shoot the arrows that far? I don’t think so.

Over all, I liked the director’s vision of the times. Again, it seemed more realistic than a film like Excalibur (which I totally loved when it came out, and actually still do). So, yea, if you’re into action movies with filthy men, this one is for you.

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