Were you hoping I forgot?

I think these are my favorite kind of penguins. These are Chinstraps…I love their little pink feet and their black line of feathers under their chins. This is a rookery on Hannah Point. There was one breeding pair of Macaroni penguins in this colony and we were lucky enough to see 1 of the pair.

Doesn’t he look like a crazy orchestra conductor? I love those yellow brow feathers! I thought it was cool that penguins of different types can co-exist very peacefully.

Finally, we got to Antarctica itself. It was barely 4:30 am when this picture was taken and it’s as bright as day. We had a gorgeous, sunny morning and Nancy and I couldn’t wait to get up to the deck to see the place:

I didn’t even brush my hair!! The expedition leader happened to be walking past our cabin when we were crowding each other at the port hole and told us later, “You sounded like excited school girls! It was lovely to hear.”

Well worth the early wake up call.

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