South Georgia

This is the cemetery at Grytviken where Ernest Shakelton is buried.

It’s a lovely little place, very green…only if you don’t think about the whaling station that sits right next to it.

The people were really nice and have a terrific little museum there. It’s very nicely done with good taxidermy and great pictures of the animals that live in the area. However, when I think about all the whales that were killed, it gave me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. I couldn’t get off that place fast enough.

Here’s a typical zodiac landing:

Every landing we had was wet. Waterproof boots and pants are a must. This was a relatively easy landing – nice smooth beach. Some of them had big slimy boulders and we landing in big waves – not so nice.

Many years ago, I had a friend who have a 15 minute hospital rule. If there wasn’t a hospital within 15 minutes of wherever she wanted to go – she didn’t go. Jane, I’m pretty sure this is outside of the 15-minute zone:

This is Cooper Bay. It was a little protected cove with tons of penguins and more than enough fur seals. The views were overwhelming. The surf was very rough on this particular day and on our way back to the ship, we were heading out of the protected area and crashed into a 20 foot wave. Everyone got soaked (I could feel the water trickling down the inside of my jacket). I wanted to turn around and do it again – more fun than a roller coaster!

And lest you thought I forgot, more of my tuxedoed friends:

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