Oh. My. God.

It was the best trip ever. I had no expectations about this trip – I figured whatever happened was going to happen and I was going to let it. The bottom line is, there are 2 people on the planet who, if they asked me to go anywhere (hell included), I would drop everything and go – no questions asked. One of them is my friend Nancy – who asked me to go with her to Antarctica. I never had any desire to go there. Please, it’s all ice and snow and cold. Who in their right mind would consider it? Seriously…Best. Trip. Ever.

Among other things, I learned to tell the difference between these:

and these:

and these:

Those aren’t my pictures, you understand. I didn’t take the digital because I couldn’t face carrying all those batteries. My photos are being developed now and I’ll post a few when they come back.

I’m still in the throes of unburying my desk (over 1400 e-mails, most of them spam!). I have many stories to tell – you’ll be sick of hearing about them. Best. Trip. Ever.

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