Doing My Part

Here are the 2 newest members of our little club:

That’s Michelle on the left and Britt on the right. We were discussing knitting at our holiday party last week and Britt mentioned that she’d always wanted to learn. I told her that I’d be happy to teach her and a knitting circle was born. We had quite a few people walking past the conference room stop and chat about knitting.

I was very sad to hear one nurse talk about her fear of knitting circularly. She said, “Oh my friends told me that it’s just too hard. So I want to knit mittens, but I can’t.” I told her to come next Tuesday and I’ll get her started. Too hard! What kind of teacher says that??

Here’s what I’ve been working on:

The picture is a little disappointing – you can’t really see the depth of the pattern. This is the Lisa Knits scarf. I’m knitting it in the Canadian singles I bought in Baltimore. It’s making a lumpy, bumpy scarf that’s really interesting. The yarn is a little harsh, but I think washing will work wonders.

I need a new, big project to take to Antarctica with me. Jillian and I are taking a trip over to Threadbear next week. Should it be a sweater? I imagine I could get quite a few pairs of socks done. Nancy wants to knit these. I’m sure one or two of them will come home with me.

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