Doing My Part

Here are the 2 newest members of our little club:

That’s Michelle on the left and Britt on the right. We were discussing knitting at our holiday party last week and Britt mentioned that she’d always wanted to learn. I told her that I’d be happy to teach her and a knitting circle was born. We had quite a few people walking past the conference room stop and chat about knitting.

I was very sad to hear one nurse talk about her fear of knitting circularly. She said, “Oh my friends told me that it’s just too hard. So I want to knit mittens, but I can’t.” I told her to come next Tuesday and I’ll get her started. Too hard! What kind of teacher says that??

Here’s what I’ve been working on:

The picture is a little disappointing – you can’t really see the depth of the pattern. This is the Lisa Knits scarf. I’m knitting it in the Canadian singles I bought in Baltimore. It’s making a lumpy, bumpy scarf that’s really interesting. The yarn is a little harsh, but I think washing will work wonders.

I need a new, big project to take to Antarctica with me. Jillian and I are taking a trip over to Threadbear next week. Should it be a sweater? I imagine I could get quite a few pairs of socks done. Nancy wants to knit these. I’m sure one or two of them will come home with me.

I guess he can stay – but no crackers in bed!

So I get home from work last night and the Hub immediately begins to tease me. “I bought your present. I bought your present,” in the sing-songy voice that makes me crazy. I figured I’d shut him up quickly and said, “I’ll give you yours if you give me mine,” thinking he’d nix the idea right there.

To my surprise, he said, “Sure.” Then I remembered that I’d sent his gift to my mother’s house (wrapped) ready to slip under the tree for him to open on the 24th. He wanted me to have my gift so badly that he said, “Just tell me what it is and you can have yours.” This is what he got me…

Is that a little small? Here’s a bigger picture…

He told me, “I looked at the 40 gig ones, but they just seemed too big.” ! Then he said, “but if you want to upgrade, here.” He pulled out cash from his pocket and handed it over. What a guy! I’m a little frightened about what toy he might bring home next. Brochures for these have been showing up around the house lately.