I can breath again

On Friday, I took the GRE. For the uninitiated, that’s the General Record Exam and almost every graduate program requires that you spend $115 and 2 months of your life in preparation. It’s all computerized, so I got my score right away (600 verbal and 560 quantitative – if you’re interested). There’s also an analytical writing section which won’t be graded for a couple of weeks. Overall, I’m pleased with the score and really, really, really glad it’s over.

To celebrate, I bought some of these:

I love dark chocolate – the darker the better. Whenever I travel, I try to find the darkest chocolate in the region. My favorite up to this point has been Finnish. Scharffen Berger is now officially the best damn chocolate I’ve ever had. I also got a bar of the baking chocolate and showed Little Big Man the brownie recipe (he’s a slave to brownies). He wanted to bake last night at 10:00 pm – I made him wait.

On the knitting front – Clapotis is done. She’s just waiting for a bath and slight blocking. I love Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb. I have 8 skeins in a lovely brown that I’m eyeing. I don’t know what I’ll do with it, but I want to work with it now.

I also started the Victorian Lace Scarf from Lisa Knits. It’s a 28 row pattern, but is fairly simple – just what I need right now. I must say the pattern is extremely well written with easy to follow instructions. I will be knitting one of her patterns again.

Happy Thanksgiving (and 3 day week) to those of you in the US. Pass the pumpkin cheesecake!

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