Best Little Yarn Shop in Michigan

Okay, so it’s not so little, but Threadbear is really the best yarn shop I’ve been in (and I’ve been in a lot of yarn shops). Never mind that it’s the biggest yarn shop I’ve been in. Rob and Matt carry all my favorite yarns and quite a few of my least favorite too! I think it’s a shop that would make any knitter happy.

On Saturday, I tripped up there with Jillian and Amy to attend a signing of KnitWit and hang out at the shop. Here’s J waiting patiently for her total:

And here’s Amy – who only likes candid shots of herself:

And who else was there? Shannon of Bitter Girl fame:

I also met the Cakers’ mom, Marcia (of Purls before Swine fame). A very nice woman. Go have a look at her blog and see her progress on a very Knitty scarf.

Here’s the image I can’t get out of my head, Rob dancing around with 3 skeins of incredibly lovely Lion & Lamb, singing, “She’s gonna catch the Clap, she’s gonna catch the Clap!” Here’s what I’ve done with the first skein:

This is the very beginning of Clapotis, another very Knitty scarf. I love the feel of this yarn. It has a bit of a funky smell, but feels divine. It’s the first real knitting I’ve done in months. I think being in the shop, surrounded by all that yarn and all that creativity just made me want to knit again. Whatever the reason – I’m glad to oblige the urge.

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