It’s no secret

that when I get interested in something that it becomes almost an obsession. For some reason, I’ve been checking in on the Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam several times a day. I’m in the Eastern time zone, so when I get into work the vocano cam is pretty much black – sort of like this:

Does this stop me from checking every morning? No. The camera updates every 5 minutes, so it’s several hours before I can actually see anything, but I continue to look anyway. For some reason, this whole eruption thing fascinates me.

I’ll share one more obsession this morning – Tyler Hamilton. I can’t believe that after everything he’s gone through to reach the pinnacle of racing success that he would knowingly jeopardize his career and his life. I hope these allegations are cleared up quickly and he can get back to the business at hand. I’m looking forward to an epic race at the Tour next year.

Send me good vibes this evening. What’s the probability that I’ll forget everything I’ve studied in the last 2 weeks and fail my statistics exam?

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