Yarn Photos and a Contest!

Here is the lovely Koigu I picked up from Threadbear on Friday. Does it remind you of anything??

If not, you haven’t been reading carefully.

Here’s the other yarn I picked up on Friday:

That’s Cascade 220 on the left. The photo doesn’t show it well, but this yarn has a lot of color in it (yellow, teal, deep green). I love Cascade in the first place, but when Matt showed me a felted bag made with the purple version of this yarn, I knew I had to have some. The depth of color is amazing – go have a look.

The other yarn is Misti Alpaca from Peru – it’s 100% baby alpaca and it’s soooooo soft. I can’t remember who brought it over for us to fondle, but I knew I had to have some right away. This company also makes a bulky alpaca that is just as gorgeous. I never know what to do with bulky yarn, so I passed on that, but I’m expecting something gorgeous from Jillian made from it!

Okay, here’s the contest. The Koigu above (go look again, I’ll wait) wants to be Tour de Lance socks. Come up with a stitch pattern for me to use that incorporates those colors and you will win this:

That’s a yellow wrist band (maybe you saw all those cyclists wearing them in the Tour?). I bought them from the Lance Armstrong Foundation website during the race. They’re now all on backorder, so you can wait to get one from them – or get creative with Barbara Walker and get your very own right now. I’ll also throw in a copy of The Race: A Novel of Grit, Tactics, and the Tour de France, by Dave Shields.

So here’s the pithy version: show me a stitch pattern that looks good for socks incorporating the Koigu organized in attractive stripes and you walk away with a great book and a yellow “Live Strong” wristband. The contest will run for 2 weeks – so have your suggestions to me by August 17 and have fun!

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