I hope you’re watching…

The early stages of the Tour de France have been very exciting. At my house, we’re all TdF all the time. I’ve been listening to the live coverage at work and then comparing notes with Hub as we watch later in the evening. OLN‘s coverage has been superb. Although I will take exception to the ugly American image the Cutters have been giving us. They’re doing “color” commentary on the 5:00-7:00 show and they suck out loud. They’ve been harrassing people and generally giving us all a bad name.

Today is team time trial day so send up good thoughts for the Blue Train.

In other news, I received an advance copy of this:

I read it in one afternoon. I wanted to finish it before the Tour started and it was a very quick read. The story was okay (boy meets girl, confronts personal crisis, realizes how much girl means to him, triumphs over personal crisis). The surrounding story was fabulous! The writer was involved in cycling at some point in his life and gives a real sense of the politics, the comaraderie, and the feel of the peleton. The race scenes are very exciting and even Hub finished it in under 8 hours. If someone happens to have a copy or you can get a used copy or you’re a TdF freak (like us) – go ahead and read it.

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