Will I get Little Big Man’s teacher’s socks done in time? No. I knew I wouldn’t, but I did give it a half-assed attempt. Here’s my progress:

It’s a lovely colorway of Mountain Colors Bearfoot. I love this yarn. It’s yummy to knit with and I can see myself making lots of socks from this stuff.

This is the other thing I’ve been working on:

It’s basically a big swatch that’s going to be a scarf when I get more yarn. It’s Fonty Velourine (I never heard of it either), but it’s 54% cotton and 46% viscose. A cotton chenille with a synthetic binder. Not a worm in site and it’s lovely to work with.

What’s in this package?

Ask Jillian later. Sassy decorated the package for me (how very Martha Stewart). I had no cute little gift bags and she said, “Mommy, I can make one!” So, there it is. Isn’t she talented?

This is my favorite tree in the whole world:

It’s a catalpa tree in my back yard. When we first moved into this house (12 years ago) I said to Hub, “We’re going to have to take that dead tree out. It’s going to fall on the house.” He said, “It’s not dead, it just takes a long time to leaf out.” He was right. It is always the last tree in the yard to get leaves, but then it’s gorgeous. I especially love the white flowers.

Lastly, I treated myself yesterday.

Aren’t they lovely? Big thanks go out to June for showing me the value of a pedicure!

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