Lazy Alert

Okay for 2 days now, I’ve schlepped in my ball of Rowan Calmer and the attached swatch…but I’m too damn lazy to make my way to the scanner and scan the thing. So, I finally pick up the goods and make my way across the office to the computer with the scanner attached and someone’s using it. I feel a little funny asking someone to stop working so I can goof off. You’re going to have to wait to see it. Trust me, it’s gorgeous. The yarn is lovely and I really like working with it. Now I just have to sell my first born to be able to afford a sweater’s worth.

Have a fabbo lunch with Jillian and kidlets yesterday. Mr. Henry cracks me up! J told me he loves the backpack and when she put him in it, he got the most contented smile on his face I’ve ever seen. After about 10 minutes of walking around, his little lids were very heavy and he drifted right off to slumberland. My friend Isobel wasn’t having a very good day. She did demonstrate a very nice handstand for me and showed me how she dressed up Shaggy in Velma’s dress (I love it when little girls giggle). Don’t worry J, in a few days, she’ll be right as rain.

I’m off this afternoon to have my hair highlighted and cut. I feel like I’m letting Gloria Steinem down by admitting it’s because I’m going on a business trip next week. I can’t have these people (most of whom I see 3 times a year) thinking I walk around like a sheepdog most of the time (which I do – but I can’t let them think that!). I knew once I started highlighting that it would be one of those “personal hygiene until I die” things, but it didn’t stop me from doing it.

I’m also taking a couple pairs of pants to be shortened. Do I leave things until the last minute? Does the Pope wear a funny hat?

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